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The FAQ page is an collection of valuable information that our customers ask about our products and services. This page is a useful way to organize information that our customers often ask.

1. Click on the become an artisan button on the homepage and fill in the required fields

2. Update your profile and list all the services you render

3. After all your registration is complete, you become visible to all service consumers

No. At this point in time, SearchArtisans does not offer this service. Service costs can be negotiated and agreed upon with the service consumer before the service is rendered

Payments will be made after your service has been rendered to your client.

Yes. SearchArtisans allows artisans to upload their business and a list of other services they render. Artisans have access to uploading after registration and payment have been made.

You can update all personal information by using the edit button but a verification link will be sent to the email address used during registration.

You will be able to monitor how many people have seen you and called you from SearchArtisans in real-time. SearchArtisans will have a very positive impact on your business activities. You will also receive feedback and rating on completed jobs from your customers that potential customers can see.

As an agent, you receive a commission from registrations where the user uses your referral code.

There is no charge required for an agent.

Interested people will fill in their detail on the agent registration page. A referral code will be sent to them and the journey begins.

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As a Service Consumer

Register as a service consumer, then you have access to all our features

No. At this point in time, SearchArtisans does not offer this service. Service costs can be negotiated and agreed upon with the artisans before service is rendered.

No. Services consumers full access to all our listed artisans after registration is done.

Register as a service consumer on and access the rating & review section to provide feedback on the quality of work provided by the artisan. This will provide valuable information for other service consumers who wishes to use the artisan in the future.

Yes. We value our clients that is why we take the responsibility of verifying every artisan before they become active on the website.

After clicking the Search button, it takes less than three seconds to find an artisan.

Yes, just search by location on the search section of the home page.

Yes. SearchArtisan is available 24/7 except during scheduled maintenance.

No. Charge is required for a service consumer.

For premium users, our customer service team will assist in resolving any case where work needs to be revisited.

Yes Indeed. SearchArtisans does a background check on the artisans included on our platform. Contact details and other details are verified. In addition to these, criminal records and address verification check is done for the premium service providers.

All of our artisans are certified. What that means to you is your job will be handled professionally and thoroughly…saving you money! In addition, premium users will be assigned specific artisans to your location so you always have the same artisans which allow them to become very familiar with the kind of services you want the artisan to render. We always follow up with premium users after preventative maintenance or service is completed. We want to be sure you are satisfied! Best of all, as a premium user of SearchArtisans, you receive preferential treatment.

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